Audi – MIB2 PLUS navigation – Conversion for the European market

Our portfolio includes the MIB 2 PLUS navigation conversion, which can often be found in Audi cars. It will surely please the fans of imported cars. Converting MIB 2 PLUS from the US, Japanese and Chinese markets to the European market is no longer a challenge for us.

When you import a car from abroad, the matter is quite simple, as long as it comes from the same region, in our case from Europe. Cars from outside Europe have many design differences from their European counterpart. Therefore, bringing such a vehicle may require the replacement of certain components. Fortunately, this problem no longer applies to MIB 2 PLUS navigation, the conversions of which are carried out in a few hours. Thanks to this, there is no need to replace the navigation. After the conversion, the equipment works just like it was bought in a European showroom. It is undoubtedly a great convenience for the owners of these navigation.

MIB 2 PLUS navigation can be found in models:

MIB 2 PLUS konwersja

  • A1, A6, A7, A8
  • S6, S7, ,
  • Q3, Q7, Q8,
  • RS6, RS7
  • RS Q3, RS Q7, RS Q8
  • SQ3, SQ7, SQ8
  • R8, TT, e-tron


After MIB 2 PLUS conversion, the multimedia device will be adapted to EU standards. Thanks to this, we will experience the latest maps of Europe and the appropriate range of radio waves. In addition, in the MIB 2 PLUS navigation we can activate the carplay and android auto functions.

Unsure which navigation model your car is equipped with?
MIB 2 PLUS can be identified by the software version starting with MH2p_xxxxxxxxx. If you still have doubts, please contact us. We will check the exact model of your device and present you the possibilities it offers. For this purpose, you can use our form on the Contact page.