Android Auto for Mercedes-Benz

We have introduced the Mercedes-Benz Android Auto function activation service into our offer.

What is that?

The Mercedes-Benz Android Auto solution is an extension of this idea. Solution created by the manufacturer of popular telephones, dedicated to drivers. Thanks to it, we can use selected Android applications directly from the multimedia system in our car.

Who can use Android Auto?

Everyone with an Android 6.0 OS or newer. Yes! Even on a 10-year-old phone, you will be able to take advantage of this solution. A simplification would be to say: Do you have an Android Phone? This solution is for you!

On the car side, the situation is a bit more complicated. The car model does not matter much. Multimedia systems that support this function could be selected in each model from the Mercedes-Benz offer produced since 2016. However, not everyone decides to choose the right equipment or activate this additional function when purchasing a vehicle.
In this situation, our ally will be a multimedia system produced by Panasonic. It supports this function, while Melco Mitsubishi does not.

Not sure which system you have in your Mercedes? All you need to do is send us the VIN of the vehicle using the contact form in the contact tab. We will check if this function can be activated in your car.

What are the benefits of Android Auto?

One of the most popular functions is the ability to launch other maps directly on the screen of our multimedia system in the car. Because of this, we have very good alternative to Mercedes factory navigation. We no longer need to install an additional phone holder to see the map on its screen. Everything will be displayed on our built-in factory navigation.

Google Maps
A very popular navigation solution, which largely owes its popularity to quite quick updates of road maps and the built-in function of predicting traffic jams on the route.

Navigations is not all there is.

Mercedes-Benz Apple CarPlay allows you to run music applications on the in-car screen. Thanks to this, we will be able to view our entire library from popular music streaming services on the screen in the car.
You can choose from, among others Youtube Music, Amazon music, Spotify,  Audible.


Traditional Features

Of course, the basic conversation function is still at our disposal, but it has been slightly expanded. On our screen in the car, the Telephone function is available along with access to our telephone book. A novelty is the handling of messages both from the sms application and additional messengers such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Zoom.